Authentic Kathak

Student Oriented

ISTD Certification


Anga Kala Kathak Academy has five branches in Seattle, Washington; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Columbus, Copley, and Cleveland, Ohio. We also teach Kathak online to keenly interested students.


The Anga Kala Kathak Academy was founded with the sole purpose of imparting students & enthusiasts an exceptional training in the classical art form of Kathak; while also inculcating the values, traditions and culture it embodies.

We provide our students a stimulating, supportive and multi-cultural environment to explore the physical, intellectual and spiritual benefits of this ancient art-form. We wish to enrich our community through performances & demonstrations; and also foster personal growth and cultural exploration through our workshop and outreach activities.

Authentic techniques

We’re devoted to nurture the nuances and grace of this very beautiful dance form in all our students. Without compromising its authentic technique, Smt. Antara Datta’s innovative choreography has also joined Kathak to seemingly unrelated dance forms such as tap-dance, flamenco, and ballet.

Student oriented lessons

We train students across all age-groups, starting with age 5. Our lessons are student-oriented and are based on age-group, familiarity with Kathak, and learning style. All our students progress through upper levels of Kathak, as they develop their skill as a dancer.

Certification program

The academy offers certification program in Kathak, accredited to ISTD ( Students have an option to receive a formal diploma in Kathak. As students graduate, they are recognized with certification of accomplishment for each grade. While participation in certification is optional, it is a great asset for young students to start preparing early for their college applications; and for anyone seeking to become a professional in the field of dance.

Showcase opportunities

Every other year, the school organizes a recital where there is opportunity to collaborate with world class professional musicians, dancers, and instructors. Also there are opportunities of performing in numerous community events throughout the year.


We are parents from Pittsburgh class. Friend of us really appreciated about Antaraji’s dedication and commitment about teaching kathak. Inspired about her travels to Pittsburgh area to teach students is really inexplicable in words, I feel students are lucky to have her. We look forward to her growth and success. Thanks to anga kala kathak academy and teacher Antara.
Gayathri Hebbar, Pittsburgh
My daughter Ioli has been learning Kathak for Antara di and Charu from last 6 years. Thanks to her Guru’s dedication and inspiration, she loves Kathak. We feel really fortunate to be part of Anga Kala Academy. Our sincere thanks to Anga Kala Academy for providing the students an opportunity to learn and experience our rich heritage through Kathak.
Parent of Loli Shrivastava, Seattle

Smt. Antara Datta

“Dancing is my passion” says the founder of Anga Kala Kathak Academy. “Dance is not merely a physical activity but it enriches your soul.” Smt. Antara Datta is a Kathak veteran and has been performing in various shows, events and programs for years. Her goal is to carry on her Guru’s tradition and nurture an interest in the beautiful North-Indian classical dance form of Kathak among kids and adults all around the world.